Jesus the Great Teacher

Adapted from "Evangelistic Preaching," by Ozora S. Davis, 1921

And every day he was teaching in the temple.  And all the people came early in the morning to him in the temple, to hear him.  (Luke 21:37,38)

We all must learn to live.  Somewhere there must be found a teacher who can give us the truth.  Jesus can meet this need.

The Teacher

Jesus was a simple, natural, sympathetic teacher.  The scribes were dull, technical, out of touch with life.  They argued at weary length about laws, ceremonies, and abstruse speculations.  Jesus understood people, set forth the truth vividly, and transfused it with warm human affection.

The Truth

As Jesus taught it, truth bore directly upon life.  The Sermon on the Mount is not a formal discourse on a religious subject.  It is a workable program for individual and social living.  Every principle that Jesus taught connects directly with the common work of the average man.

The Method

Jesus used simple figures and stories to express truth.  He did not give detailed definitions or carry on elaborate discussions.  For example, the stories of the Prodigal Son and the Good Samaritan make the truth plain, vivid, and commanding.  They are descriptions rather than definitions or debates.

The Learners

The learners were of all kinds.  Little children heard him gladly.  Old me listened eagerly.  Tired workers stopped to take in his words.  Rich men asked him to dinner.  He had a message for everyone.

The Results

Those who became Christ's disciples found that their lives were changed.  The truth began at once to do something with them.  They did not receive merely a new set of ideas from Jesus; they found a new way of life in listening to His words.

The whole content of their relation to God and to one another was changed by what they learned from Jesus.  The old scenes and duties remained, but the disciples of Jesus became new actors in the middle of old engagements.  The result of learning in the school of Christ was a new practical life.

~Adapted by Jessica Gerald~