Learning by Doing

Taken from "How to Study and Teach the Bible"  ( I think.  I have to re-check this source.)

The old axiom "No impression without expression" is true in teaching, and is another way of emphasizing the self-activity of the pupil as the one essential in teaching.

The understanding of the student must be aroused to function, or else there is no real teaching.

Information must be so imparted that the memory will be able to recall and reproduce it, and reproduction is the only true proof that the teaching has succeeded.

There is no way the mind can be trained except through its own faculties and processes, and these must function of the pupil's own willpower before knowledge can be assimilated.

The teacher may impart information, but it will mean nothing at all to the pupil unless he is able to think it in by the usual way the mind proceeds.

The successful teacher puts his student to work along lines calculated to make them think of what he is teaching, for LEARNING BY DOING is true because doing arouses self-activity.

Handwork, or manual work, in teaching is a practical way of arousing the pupils to self-activity.

The hand is quite closely connected with the brain, and is the chief organ of touch.

For older children, manual work should be in Bible history and geography and original composition and reference work.  The pupil must be given something to do that will cause him to continue to think along the lines of the lesson.

Bible mastery is largely a matter of handwork, for the stories should be written down in outline, and reproduced again and again from memory.  Nothing helps to fix the Bible in mind and memory more than to write the substance of chapters and books and reproduce the same several times on tablets.

Older children should use the hand and tablet, and get the habit of reproducing all that is taught or read and it will prove very helpful in mastering any subject.

It is now regarded that mere teaching of a class on Sunday is very far short of what can be done unless manual work and other expressional work is systematically practiced by the students, for we learn by doing.