Importance of the Sunday School Teacher

The author believes that the Sunday school teacher, according to Scripture, is second only to the preacher.  His commission is directly from God, and his place of usefulness is becoming more and more recognized by the Church.

To teach at all is a work of grave responsibility; but to teach the Bible to childhood and youth, in the one formative period of life, is an especially sacred vocation.

The skilled Sunday school teacher, trained intellectually and spiritually for his great work, is the imminent need of the home, the Church, and the State.  The "signs of the times," if thoughtfully interpreted, abundantly confirm this statement.

The Bible is no longer taught in schools, and may not be taught enough in the homes.  Often the Sunday school alone is the place for Bible precepts to be taught.  As Sunday school teachers, we must take our calling seriously and be workers that "need not be ashamed."  (1)