Resources Readily Available for the Sunday School Teacher

A dedicated Sunday school teacher can draw upon four specific spiritual resources in his quest to minister to his students - the young person's tender conscience, intercessory prayer, the Word in season, and the Holy Spirit.  Let's take a look at each of these.

1.  The Student's Conscience
In youth the conscience is tender and sensitive.  It is quick to discern between thr right and the wrong.  Education or example may warp it, but as it comes from God to the child it has pure instincts, and will prove to be the teacher's strong helper.

Let the appeal be made directly to the child's conscience in matters of right and wrong.  Urge the plain Word of God upon it, and conscience will be quick to discern and to respond.

The child's conscience is upon the side of right to begin with, whatever its parentage or home, or however dulled and blunted it may afterwards become.  Like the photographer's plate, it is sensitive to every ray of light, but its sensitiveness may soon be irreparably gone.

2.  Intercessory Prayer

The effectual, fervent prayer of the Sunday school teacher avails much.  One by one, each student's name and needs should be carried before a loving Christ in earnest, daily prayer.  From time to time the teachers of the Sunday school should convene before or after the session, in a season of special prayer for the children. 

A prayer in the home of the student, with and for him, may see a little thing, but it is not forgotten by the child.  The teacher who prays much for his class is little troubled by their waywardness and inattention.  Of the prayers that ascend daily to the throne of grace, surely none receive more loving audience than the teacher's prayer for the students of his class.

3.  The Word in Season

There is a time to speak and a time to be silent.  In the presence of the class, on Sunday, a truth or duty may be generally urged.  But the wise teacher knows the value and helpfulness of a moment's personal word in the ear of the individual student, where there is none but God to hear.  Many a life has been turned about by a moment's well-time, loving plea.  Such a word, fitly spoken, is "like apples of gold in pictures of silver."

4.  The Holy Spirit

This is the teacher's abiding Helper.  Leaning over him as he studies the lesson, going with him into the homes of the students, standing by him on Sunday morning as he teaches, comforting him as he prays for his class, the Holy Spirit is ever present with the teacher who lives near to God and does the best work his opportunities allow.

He convinces of sin; he makes the lesson a two-edged sword to cut into the conscience; he makes anew the student's heart and life; h is the interpreting spirit; he alone can indue with "power from on high."

To every true teacher this Spirit is pledged as Comforter and Friend, and with his help failure is impossible.