Studying to Teach the Lesson

As Sunday school teachers, we have both an awesome privilege and a great responsibility.  It is important that we thoroughly study the lesson to be taught.  Let's talk about the best times to study.

1.  Study Daily

Fifteen or twenty minutes of daily study of next Sunday's lesson is better than hours massed together on a single day.  Study forced at the last moment is not optimal for you or your students.  It takes time for it to grow.

2.  Study When Freshest

Unless you are a night person, the evening probably isn't the best time to study.  Your body and mind are tired from the day's work, so it may be the least profitable for Bible study.  Set a time early in the day, before the busyness of the day begins, and there will be gain educationally and spiritually.

3.  Begin at Once

Begin Sunday afternoon on the next week's lesson.  Your heart and mind are still warm with the lesson just taught.  A good beginning tends toward a good ending.  Don't procrastinate.  The bane of many teachers is in waiting for "a more convenient time."

4.  Form a Habit of Study

The mind is as much a creature of habit as the body.  It does its best work periodically.  The habit of daily study of the Bible at a definite hour soon becomes a source of pleasure and power.  But it takes a determined will and much patience to hold one's self to the habit.  Once it is formed, however, it will be much easier.  (1)