The Social Side of the Teacher

How the Sunday school teacher relates to students and parents is an important factor in his success.  This may have a permanent influence on the student's life, and can even compensate for less than expert teaching skill.

1.  The Teacher's Manner

The teacher's manner, in and out of the classroom, can either attract or repel.  The entrance into the child's heart and conscience is usually through the social side of his life. 

Does the teacher cultivate the social art?  Does he seek to use it with his students?  Does he greet them gladly, with warm heart and hand?  Is he interested in their lives throughout the week, their petty troubles and pleasures?  Does he make them feel at home in his presence?  Does he take a few moments with each child?  Is he friendly whenever he sees them outside of church?  If the answer to these questions is "yes," it is well with the teacher.  If not, his fine study and teaching will count for little.

2.  The Class Spirit

If handled wisely, this is a strong element of helpfulness.  It is a good idea to have an organized classroom where boys and girls can have little jobs and responsibilities.  The class best conducted is the one that has learned to manage itself.  The class spirit, if kept in bounds, will do more than the teacher can do to stimulate the lazy and indifferent ones.  (1)