The Teacher's Work as a Christian

The teacher who is not a Christian in deed and in truth discredits the sacred place he holds.  His first duty is to get right with God - that is, if he intends to continue teaching; if not, there is only one right course, he should resign.  Here are the marks of a true Christian teacher:

1.  He should have a clear and definite experience.

Out of the heart the mouth speaks.  The Sunday school teacher who is himself untaught of God cannot efficiently teach his class the way of life.

2.  He should have an earnest purpose to save souls.

To lead children to Christ is the supreme duty, and a teacher's position gives to him an opportunity beyond that of even the parent and pastor.

3.  The truly Christian teacher will use the "means of grace."

These are prayer, tithing and giving, church attendance, Bible study, prayer, and so on.  God has instituted these means, in the full use of which there is spiritual growth.  Without these, there will be a leanness of the soul.

4.  The teacher must exercise self-denial.

When one becomes a Sunday school teacher, it is at once a question of example to others, rather than of allowance to one's own conscience in things doubtful.

In other words, there may be an activity that you can do with a clear conscience.  But if it would in any way offend a student, or unintentionally influence in a negative way, you should refrain from that activity.  (1)