The Manner of the Sunday School Teacher

Your manner as a teacher has a lot to do with your success or failure.  Here are some important points.

1.  Be Natural
Do not wear your "photograph smile" before the class.  Believe me, children  can pick up a phony.  They can detect what is natural and what is forced.

2.  Be friendly

"Whoso would have friends must show himself friendly."  You manner will make or unmake friends.

3.  Be cheerful

Leave headache and heartache at home, as much as is possible.  Don't overcloud the optimism of childhood with your personal problems.

4.  Be cordial

Many boys and girls come to Sunday school from homes of scant courtesy.  The teacher's hearty hand shake and welcome will win the heart all the more because of lack of consideration at home.

5.  Be tender

If you could only know the heartaches of some of the students, you would not need this admonition.  Children have troubles as real as our own, and a little tenderness goes a long way with them.

6.  Be patient

The last place for fretfulness or irritability is before a Sunday school class.  Don't be cranky and short with the children.

7.  Use your eyes

If you are constantly referring to the material as you are teaching, try to teach more "eye to eye."  A well-aimed eye has hypnotic power.  Look the students squarely in the face as you teach, and make them feel that the teacher's eye sees every motion of mind or body.

8.  Be serious

Be pleasant, but don't use the Sunday school class time for a lot of jokes, gossip, or chitchat.  The laughter and loose tongue of one who is dealing with young souls is like the "crackling of thorns under a pot."  (1)

Photo Credit Afro American children sweet girl by Erica Szlosek, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service