How to Fail as a Sunday School Teacher

Adapted from "Our Sunday School Scrapbook," by Daniel Wise, 1866

1.  Be Irregular in Your Attendance

If it's too hot, or too cold, or too rainy make sure and stay home.  Then your students will learn that you can't be depended on, and that Sunday school isn't all that important.

2.  Don't Study the Lesson

Your class will soon learn that you are not a credible source, and they won't pay attention to what you teach.

3.  Be Boring

Speak in a monotone.  Born them with long talks.  Don't engage their discussion.  Don't attempt to make the lesson lively or interesting.  Your students will soon find another way to entertain themselves in class and pass the time.

4.  Don't Show Any Interest in Your Students

Don't chat with them before or after class.  Don't listen when they try to tell you their stories.  They'll soon realize you don't care!