Try Writing Your Students a Letter

Adapted from "Our Sunday School Scrap Book," by Daniel Wise, 1866.

A storekeeper who had a passion for soul-saving made his wrapping papers and bags do duty as tracts.

As teachers, have we ever used our inventive powers to seek the salvation of our students?  Is there some simple new way to rouse their attention? 

Here is an idea.  Write a letter to each of them urging them to give their hearts to Christ.  You know how rare it is for children to receive a letter.  Many of them may never have gotten one.  The arrival of a letter from you might be a big event to them.  It could arouse their curiosity, and prepare them to read your exhortation with profit. 

Try it.  Put all the love you have for their souls into a letter for each of your students.  Pray over the the letters before and after writing them.  Send them in faith.  Who knows, but that these may lead one or all of your precious children to Christ.  Try it.  If it fails, place your inventive powers under the direction of love, and try some other equally fitting device.