"We Belongs to You"

Adapted from "Our Sunday School Scrap Book," by Daniel Wise, 1866

"Please sir, we belongs to you, and you belongs to us," said a poor boy to his teacher one Sunday.

The boy's phrase was homespun and grammatically incorrect, but by it he unconsciously pronounced a very high compliment upon his teacher.  He showed that the teacher had won the friendship of his students and was recognized by them as their friend.  He had forged a golden heart-link, by which he and his class were firmly joined together.  Children who feel they belong to their teacher, and that their teacher belongs to them, will be very likely to follow his guidance and be led by him to the cross.

How is it, dear teacher, with you and your class?  Have you so established yourself in their affections that their hearts say, even if they don't verbally express it, "We belong to you and you belong to us?"  If not, what could the problem be?

Do you love them?
Do you fail to demonstrate your love skillfully?

Remember, "love begets love," and if you exhibit a true and a loving friendship for your students they will assuredly recognize it and give you back love for love - with very rare exceptions.