The Kind-Looking Teacher

From Our Sunday School Scrap Book, by Daniel Wise, 1866

"I want to join Mr. Baxter's class if you please, sir," said a boy who was new to the Sunday school.

"Why Mr. Baxter's class, my son?"  asked the superintendent.

"Because," replied the boy, "I think from the look of the teacher he is a kind man.  I have often seen him in church with his class and he seems very good-natured."

The kind-looking teacher got the new student, the whole of him, heart and all.  The kind expression which played so beautifully about his features had made the boy open his heart to his influence.  Happy teacher!  His work with that boys was half done before he gave him his first lesson.  In gaining his heart he had won the citadel of his nature.  Remember the path to the brain and to the will runs through the affections.
Kindness.  Love.  A gentle manner flowing from a loving heart is a teacher's mightiest weapon next to his faith in God. 

  • Kindness melts the frost from the roughest natures. 
  • Kindness unbars the doors of the child's soul.
  • Kindness is both introduction and application to the teacher's lesson.
  • Kindness exemplifies the truth.
  • Kindness conquers souls.

Therefore, as a teacher, let love fill your heart, and let the law of kindness be written by the finger of God on your lips and in all your features.