The Teacher's Chair - a Center of Influence

Adapted from "Our Sunday School Scrap Book," by Daniel Wise, 1866.

If there is a place in the Church that is a center of influence, then a Sunday school teacher's chair is such a center.  There are other centers more elevated, mor imposing, more tempting to ambition, and acting more directly on a wider sphere.  But assuredly the earth contains no position from which influence proceeds more naturally, certainly, and effectually than from a teacher's chair.

Look at it.  Six impressionable, curious, unprejudiced immortal spirits look up to it every week for ideas, impressions, and spiritual guidance.  They open every door of access down to their innermost natures, and permit its occupant to impress them as he may will, up to the full measure of his power.  Is there any other center of influence which gives such free admission to the sanctuary of the human spirit?

Who can measure the extent to which influence may possibly radiate from the teacher's chair?  If it leads all or a part of those six children to Christ it's impact will be unlimited.  What if that class contains at least one Billy Graham, Charles Stanley, David Jeremiah, or Charles Spurgeon?  (I substituted names here in place of older ones.)  What if it contains one man or woman of power who will by and by repeat the influence of the chair until it is multiplied a hundredfold?  Now the chair becomes a center of influence to thousands.

Yes, the teacher's chair is a center of mighty, far-extending influences.  Prize it, you who fill it, prize it highly.  Work it diligently.  Solemnly vow that, God helping you, not one of your charge shall ever swell the ranks of wickedness.  Use the truth and the power of prayer so vigorously that your six students will become not merely Christians, but Christians of the highest style.