Am I Reaching the Hearts of My Bible Students?

Are we reaching the hearts of our students?  Is there any mission more important in Sunday school or children's ministry than to reach the hearts of our students? 

It is fine to have an inviting classroom, enjoyable activities, and interesting lessons.  These things win a child's attention, but they do not necessarily reach a student's heart.  It takes heart to reach heart.

You reach a child's heart by your loving, caring words and actions.  You can reach a child's heart with God's heart by laying the Word which comes from God's heart on the child's mind.

How can I lay the Word of God on the minds of my students so that it finds its way into their hearts?

I must get possession of the Word myself.

I can't lay it on the mind of my students if I don't have it on my own mind.  I must possess the Truth - God's revelation of Himself.  The Word must be in my heart. 

I must not only possess the Truth, but the Truth must possess me.  I'm not going to get possession by glancing over the lesson and memory verse on the way to church Sunday morning.  If I'm going to put anything into the minds of my students I must have something in my own mind.  If I'm going to fill up my own mind, I must go to work and dig it out of my Bible with the aid of the best lesson helps I can find.

I need to reach the hearts of my students with the Truth that saves, that transforms us into the image of Christ.  I can't do that unless my own heart is on fire with it.

Imagine our Sunday schools being equipped with teachers who burn with desire to know the Word of God, and who study that Word till their blood tingles with eagerness to impart it to their students.  Those classes will be successful even if they have no equipment but a log to sit on!

Liberally adapted from Secrets of Sunday School Teaching
Edward Leigh Pell
Copyright 1912