The Very First Secret of Successful Sunday School Teaching

Aim at Something!

1.  The reason a great many teachers never accomplish anything is because they never aim at anything.

2.  Go in with the attitude that you want to accomplish something, and you know what you want to accomplish.

3.  Some people "drop" into teaching for various reasons.  Then they wonder why they strike bottom.

4.  We will almost always strike bottom when we fail to strike for something higher.

5.  What better thing could a teacher do than mold a life - a dozen lives - after the image of Christ?

6.  As a Sunday school teacher:
  • Set a high goal.
  • Get to work.
  • Keep your eye on the goal.
  • Continually improve your teaching skills.
  • Win and manage your students.
  • Love your students.
  • Pray for your students.

The work of molding lives is going on now.  You are arriving because you started somewhere, set goals, and worked toward them.  If you want to be a successful teacher aim at something!

Secrets of Sunday School Teaching
Edward Leigh Pell